Laminated Mats
Made in England

Table Mats
Cheese Board
Mats header

Made in England
Coasters & Tablemats - Laminated, cork backing
Cheese Board - Laminated

Coasters - £10/4 coasters - 105 x 90 mm
Tablemats - £22/4 mats - 220 x 290 mm

Cattle (4 different images) Coasters MCC1
Cattle (4 different images) Tablemats MCT1
MCC1 MCT1 3 Cattle

MCC1 MCT1 By the Stream

MCC1 MCT1 Highland

MCC1 MCT1 Longhorns

Silver Birch (all 1 design) Coasters MCC2
Silver Birch (all 1 design) Tablemats MCT2
MC2 Silver Birch set

Chickens (4 different images) Coasters MCC3
Chickens (4 different images Tablemats MCT3
MCC3 MCT3 Chook

MCC3 MCT3 Farmyard chickens

MCC3 MCT3 In the Coop

MCC3 MCT3 Light Sussex & chicks

Small Cheese Board - £6 - 237 x 175 mm - laminated

Berries MCCB1
MCB1 Berries

Manufactured primarily using melamine impregnated resin films, hardboard and cork, both of which are obtained from approved sustainable sources. Melamine surfaces protect images from staining from alcohol and food. Melamine boards are strong and durable, resisting temperatures to 130°C. Exposed hardboard edges will absorb water and should not be immersed in water.