110g bar

Hand Made
Hand Cut
Hand Wrapped

Made in England
by the
Natural Soap Company
with beautiful
labels featuring
Ronny's paintings
110g bar Hand Made soap - £3.95
Hand Made Soaps

Sheer Silk (Delphiniums) SO1
Made to a luxurious recipe, scented with geranium, lavender and chamomile essential oils
Soap hand made Sheer Silk (Delphinium) SHM1

Rosemary (Blossom) SO2
A lovely old fashioned soap scented with oil of rosemary with the addition of finely ground rosemary leaves for gentle exfoliation. Avocado oil is added to sooth the skin.
Soap hand made Rosemary (Blossom) SHM2

Sea Soap (Eryngium) SO3
Scented with rosemary, cedar wood, black pepper, geranium and patchouli oils. Coloured a beautiful sea green with flecks of seaweed scattered throughout.
SO3 Sea Soap (Eryngium)

Cedar and Lemon (Silver Birch) SO4
A deep forest green bar designed to appeal to men and women alike. Avocado oil - for skin benefitting properties. Essential oils of lemon grass, litsea cubeba and cedar wood.
Soap hand made Cedar & Lemon (Silver Birch) SHM4

White Lavender (Bee Eaters) SO5
A gentle traditional soap made with 45% olive oil. It is beautifully mild and gentle enough for baby skin too. Uncoloured, scented with lavender essential oil.
Soap hand made White Lavender (Bee Eaters) SHM5

Milk Spice (Berries) SO6
Goats milk makes this a superior, creamy bar of soap. Shea butter, sweet orange, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, nutmeg and cardamom essential oils are added for their delicious spicy scent.
Milk Spice (Berries) SO6